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2014 Design Refresh

Greetings and Happy New Year! To kick off the new year, www.orbosphere.com has been refreshed with a new look & feel.


New Found Love for AppleScript

I recently purchased a new computer and set it up as my always-on home-theater/media machine. One of the tasks it performs for me is serving as my morning alarm clock through the use of...

AJAX just a specific div of a page 0

AJAX just a specific div of a page

With a little bit of help from the internet and my co-worker Kelly, I’ve figured out a slick way to ajax just some particular content on a given page.


Target Field Photos

Though the twins lost on Saturday, I was able to capture a nice panoramic photo of the new field. To download the full size (6773×1092 6.8Mb) click here: TargetFieldPanorama.jpg Also from my August photo...



SCORE! Going to my first game at Target field this weekend, and my first Brett Favre game the next!

Future Cops Are Here 2

Future Cops Are Here

So I saw this on campus today. There were a bunch of people in suits and a camera crew. Later, I saw it parked with its suicide doors open. I shot a video as...