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SparkBall 2 Now Available

SparkBall 2 for iOS / tvOS is now available in the App Store! It also includes an iMessage Extension so you can challenge your friends. The download is free so check it out today!...


SparkBall iPad/iPhone Game Released!

SparkBall has been released!!! Download it for iPad / iPhone 5 / iPhone 4 / iPod Touch running iOS 7.0 from the App Store here:   SparkBall is an arcade/puzzle game that tests...

SparkBall 0

SparkBall Beta

EDIT: SparkBall has been officially released. Download it from the App Store now: SparkBall is my upcoming iOS game. I am still recruiting beta testers, so if you would like to try the game...


New Found Love for AppleScript

I recently purchased a new computer and set it up as my always-on home-theater/media machine. One of the tasks it performs for me is serving as my morning alarm clock through the use of...

AJAX just a specific div of a page 0

AJAX just a specific div of a page

With a little bit of help from the internet and my co-worker Kelly, I’ve figured out a slick way to ajax just some particular content on a given page.